A Christmas Poem

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Face flattened
Nostrils but a pin hole
mud phlegmed matter
shallow breaths
But I am alive

Pull a trick out of your hat
Might make you feel better
Or do you have others to save?

Christmas     Shopping
Christmas     Offering
Christmas     Supper

I fall to the Floor
My senses are left –
On the neatly set table
Unburdened am I
“Quasi una fantasia”


This Christmas season has been turbulent for me so far. Dealing with my own experiences has got me thinking about the pain and hurt that so many endure this time of year. My heart goes out with the deepest compassionate understanding, that I have reached so far in this life, to anyone who is in pain. For those of you who have touched someone who is hurting, I thank you and honour your bravery. 

Merry Christmas to All
Jackie Blair McSween 


pictures taken from google images with all rights and respect to the original artists


  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Rather than a message of hope, based on “saving,” you have presented a message of reality. Your poem asks very important questions, like why are we doing this? I have a seventeen year old daughter and for the first time in ten years I have felt like “giving her a present.” How ironic, when you have this poem and series of images on Christmas Eve. Yet now, BECAUSE of what you have here, Jackie, I am continuing my questioning. Thank you for jolting me back. Above all else, Christmas is ultimately seductive, as is religion.

    • pointsthruprose

      Thanks for the comments, I guess you can tell, I don’t have my usual Christmas cheer. Oh well we don’t have our ‘usual” world these days, so we might as well start acting different. I just wrote a comment in response to this post http://scribblah.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/xmas-day-at-the-high-dependency-unit/
      “It seems, this year, that there is more pain in the world, when the reality is, we are now starting to embrace the pain in the world, the pain has always been there, we just weren’t forced to look at if before.
      My question is – Do we need to suffer before we can heal or can we get off easy?


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