The Hawk Living Room

I held The Little Tin Box
holding an encasement of glass
loose in a tin framework
with silver filaments inside
& some kind of Praying Lady —
I kept staring at It

The Little Tin Box was set upon
by Me & set upon the top of a giant glass case
housing stuffed birds
& It, My Little Tin Shadow Box
was left behind
in one of those numerous houses named
The Laundry, The Pirates’ Lair, or Oliver Jenning’s
temporarily housing My Mother, My Brother & Me
while My Father was elsewhere

Today I got a Case
from The Framer here
in My Adulthood, A Shadow Box
holding My Advent Calender
made for My Grandparents
when I was a Teenager
in My Single Mother’s House

I have My Glass Shadow Box Now
with Its secret compartments
tipped back for partial view —
My Own Glass Shadow Box
is Here, inside My Living Room
in My House by The Ocean
Housing My Husband, My Daughter & Me


Joanna Hyde
December 18th 2011   The Hawk
4:50 pm





  1. kzoodedoo

    Hmmmm, the shadowbox is like a house within a house.
    Hmmmm, Is there a shadowbox in the shadowbox?
    Aha! Is there an even bigger house for the house?
    …when does it end? Never!

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Thank you Kris, for your vision. I knew there was a lot of Housing going on, but you have described it perfectly. And I guess The Ocean is the Ultimate House?

  3. kristinezoodedoo

    Hmmm, now I am thinking of the Self Organizing Galaxy as the beginning point
    of the Never Ending Ultimate House
    spiraling out to shelter Everything
    (and it’s Mother) !

  4. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Again, thank you Kris, for giving this so much thought. All I can say here is that I see No Beginning & I sea (couldn’t resist) No End

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      Thank you, Slowmoto, for your observations — I was aiming for the dichotomy of childhood vs adulthood, as well as the layering of houses.

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