The Crack in the Cup

It shows up when it’s only me
Dinner is served – like many times before…
The empty chair is filled or taken away

Enticement is all around me
The crack in the cup gets weaker
I make a choice – only to face the Void

Contempt is in my hands like a sharpened sword
…I swing the sword –

The Void; It exudes with emptiness
The sweet scent lures me into Awareness
I carry on with my everyday life…

Jackie Blair McSween


  1. Jill Joy

    This is very evocative. It strikes me reading it I wonder how many artists and poets feel severed in their relationships with family. Is part of being an artist being an outsider and that naturally precludes feeling part of a family? Something I’m curious about.

    • pointsthruprose

      I think it depends on the family Jill. For me, sometimes I feel like I am misunderstood – hence “the empty chair”. Poetry brings me some sort of comfort similar to what a family would bring??? It is easy for an Artist or Writer to get immersed in their work for long periods of time which can be straining on a relationship, but then again a work crazed business person can put stress on a family too. Hmm I think it is about the sweet scent of Self Awareness…

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      Actually it’s a play on words: Crack Cup and is the empty chair like the empty cup, getting either filled up or taken away?

  2. kristinezoodedoo

    It’s a gift to even be able see the crack at all!
    unless it’s the plumber’s crack!
    (ahahaha…sad but true!”

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