I was becoming what I was fighting, but not fighting what I was becoming

A Dream Of Nightmares
I wake up,
to fall back into sleep.
I dream of light,
that turns out to be heat.
A race through time,
skipping heart beats,
Until one wrong turn,
leads me towards a bad dream.

The Circle of Life
Depression is when one gives in to sadness and lets all their joy escape for nothing.
Suicide is something that happens when depression isn’t dealt with.
Joy is when you can’t believe how happy you are.
Dreams happen when you need somewhere to escape.
Hope is when there’s nothing left.
Nightmares are when you let your mind control you.
Life is a circle that you make happen.

                                                                    Murdoch William Blair McSween


  1. pointsthruprose

    I decided to post Murdoch’s latest work as a collection as they seem to belong together. His quote (title) is a very profound statement that belongs on everyone’s fridge door or desk top. His poetry is deep, intelligent and inspirational. And I am not just saying this because he is my 12 year old son.
    His words have influenced me today, on what I would call one of my more challenging days.
    Thank you Murdoch.
    Love Mom

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Thank you for these word Murdoch, especially as I am on my way to a Depression Support group dinner, which is a big deal for me.

  3. Murdoch McSween

    It is great to see a lot of young artists and poets like me. Thank you for all of the kind comments!

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