1. Sasha Hawks

    I had the good fortune to see this unique piece at Victoria’s “Art in Bloom’ last spring.

    It’s great when we create with nature instead of using it. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      Looking at the leaf again, this morning, I see more clearly the repeating patterns of the veins which make up the structure, on an ever-expanding — or decreasing — scale. I’m sure the individual cells must look like what we can see in the beautiful body, which has also been expanded by the artists.

  2. kristinezoodedoo

    Oooo, pretty!
    For some reason this brings to my mind how important the element of water is…
    for all of us life forms!

  3. dan gibbs

    Thank you all for your comments – in particular this last one – about WATER and how important it is for all of us life forms.

    I guess – in my mind – the leaf has found an efficient way to move and manage that important resource – and so, by bringing that intelligence up from the microscope for all to see, well, who knows – maybe we can learn something.

    The Vein of our Existence: Capilleries move and alchemize the elements that give life. These are vital channels, and they flood the plains between them with energy.

    It is at least one of the ways that life circulates on our planet, and it is leaves that show us how.

    Water draws upwards from the roots to feed the leaf, and in turn, the leaf surface that collects and converts sunlight into carbohydrate, nourishes the roots.

    The food created by sunlight, tunnels into the ground

  4. pointsthruprose

    Thank you for this explanation Dan, I love how Art can connect with Science. I particularly like your comment “and it is leaves that show us how.” What a lesson in this, if we only knew that all the answers are right here in front of us. A beautiful metaphor for human nature as well.

    Hope to see more Art soon.

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