The Hawk Balcony

Now is The Time To Write
a poem about Doing The Laundry —
an innately Feminine Occupation —
not just Historically, but Biologically:
Women, mostly, cannot tolerate
a mess, chaos —
Women must organize their households
caring for their families
or They won’t be right themselves —
They must pick up clothes
the most personal accoutrements
and wash them in cycles
choosing to abandon
a dryer
in favour of a clothes line
or maybe on a winter day
taking satisfaction
in hanging 2 loads
on a laundry rack
and Balcony Banister


Joanna Hyde
December 8th 2011   10:34am


  1. pointsthruprose

    Joanna, I think this poem makes a powerful statement. We need to get our priorities back in line or is it on the line. Let’s deal with the dirty laundry once and for all. oh yea and who needs a dryer.

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