Dear Lord,

As we enter the Mayan 2012
There’re matters I must delve
1% of 1% hoard the wars’ spoils
The 99.99 rumbles and boils

I saw them halve Derek Boogaard’s brain
Seen life savings swirling down the drain
I saw them seriously consider Herman Cain
Seen dictator allies flipped and called insane

It don’t come as no surprise 1
Like an infant’s cries
Innuendo and lies
The drone flies

Taxing the multitudes
Blood from a stone
Ignoring the platitudes
Cut to the bone

Tax breaks for the rich
Economy still in the ditch
“Don’t worry – just a glitch”
Everyone knows – life’s a bitch
“Time to bust some heads”
“Homeless people with nothing better to do”
“Probably off their meds”
I know you knew

I was but a child
Knowledge absorbed and filed
Kept alight during years of wild
Greed always rightfully reviled

So as we celebrate His birth
I keep my eye on ’12
Wondering when You’ll reveal true worth
This corrupt age finally shelved


O.G. Hawkins

 1 – Nazareth


  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Is 2012 supposed to be the key to The Judgement? I see a reconciliation of opposites as maybe the only way out and into The New World — primarily a Women’s World. Thanks for that poem, O. G. Hawkins.

    • pointsthruprose

      I think this would be more of a reconciliation of the masculine & feminine energy. Mother Earth has been ruled by a very strong masculine energy for the past 2000 years. Balance is essential. And let`s remember for creative energy to prevail – we need balance.

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