I almost had a Conversion Experience
today heading into our local grocery
flanked by two enormous wreaths
I felt protected, blessed even
to have the food here to buy

could I give up My Anti Christmas
stance —
maybe even for just This
Year —

Which Is Stronger:
My Abhorrence to the Lies
of “Christmas”
My Appreciation for How
I’ve made it
to This

Joanna Hyde
December 5th 2011   The Hawk



  1. Jackie Blair McSween

    This is a very important poem, especially for this year as we approach…

    “Consumerism is a pattern of behavior that helps to destroy our environment, personal financial health, the common good of individuals and human institutions.”
    Your poem took me in this direction; as a single mother of 4, Christmas hits me hard. I desperately yearn for a time when giving and celebrating can have more meaning than a credit card balance that I can’t pay. I understand your anguish in the poem.

    “flanked by two enormous wreaths” I love this line!!

  2. KZoodedoo

    Yea, Christmas is annoying…we should start a club. I also love that line “flanked by two enormous wreaths” it reminds me of the pathway to the crucifixion for some odd reason.
    I have an idea! If YOU convert, I will too… “maybe even for just This
    Year” ! but… I doubt it HoHoHo

  3. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Thanks Jackie and Kris — all I can say at this point is: If I could single-handedly bring down Christianity, but leave Christ standing, I would.

  4. kzoodedoo

    I can see it…with the SWOOSH of your left arm…it disappears.
    Baby Jesus remains, in the manger, once again.

      • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

        Major Thought For Today, From The Barrington Passage Trail:

        “Christ did not die for our SINS — He was as-sas-SIN-ated”

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