1. Jackie Blair McSween

    Kristine, I love this painting! It draws the viewer right into the art. It is like a joyous celebration. I love the big hands and small heads as they get closer to “centre”. How symbolic of how we need to be today – smaller heads and bigger hands. It’s almost like they are going to pull open a curtain for us to enter into the painting.

  2. W Hunter Blair

    This painting is, for me, a wonderful inversion of Kennedy’s famous aphorism as it shows the “triumph” of the self over the collective. As the figures approach the centre the hands grow bigger and the heads (brains) shrink. It is a truly marvelous work and says so much more to me every time I look at it. Great stuff, Kris!!

  3. KZoodedoo

    Thanks folks!
    I truly appreciate any insights or thoughts about this thing…I have many theories as to “meaning”, but they tend to fluctuate and morph as time goes on…so all ideas are more than welcome, since I’m still trying to figure it out!

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