The Hawk Kitchen

This is coming to You
from a spiral bound page
in regular ballpoint.
My Silver Pen
is kept Upstairs.

 This is My Assignment:
I found My Voice Today —
it is not a regular voice.
It has demonstrated
and will demonstrate
My Capacity to Chant, to Move
to ruffle & unruffle its Hearers.
I can & do stand
as Precentor of The Billions
as Chanteuse of The New Age
This Age of Silver:
Swirling Strata of Our Development
here on Earth
where We have nothing left
to follow but Our Selves —
to know if We are ashamed

Joanna Hyde
November 25th 2011

the poem was 
inspired by listening to the video of the UC DAVIS pepper spray and 
having you ASK for something.



  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Jackie, I think we have not become yet what we will be. For now, all we are are Our Selves individually and collectively — as human minds individually, but collectively I see Us as The Male Mind AND The Female Mind (unless of course our “singular” God IS a Woman).

  2. kristine zoodedoo

    Ahhhh…Spiraling out from a spiral notebook irregardless of the Silver Pen…like the imprint that is left of the Self Organizing Galaxy on our consciousness, we find our way OUT…but who or what, (if anyone or anything at all) is in charge of this whole mess?

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      Kris, WE’RE in charge — all of us — free to listen to or reject each others advice or suggestions — free to listen to each other’s art for SELF fulfillment. We are each others treasured audience — ears, eyes, heart.

  3. kristinezoodedoo

    hahaha by “mess” I was referring to the world, not the “blog” per se

    written words without sound or facial expression can be (mis)interpreted so many ways, I have discovered, which makes written poetry all the more intriguing!

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