Finding God

“Take it”, She said, every last bit must be taken
Even the slightest morsel must go.
She holds on; floating on a log in the middle of the ocean…
The wind is at her back today, but the sun is in her eyes
She turns – the glare is gone only to find the wind in her face.

 “Give it”,  He said, all must be handed over.
Like so many times before – she thought she had?
She finds comfort with the sun out of her eyes, but the wind pushes her back
Don’t know to where – nothing but blue in the distance
It’s all the same – she takes some comfort.

“Keep it”,  She said, she can hang on longer and tighter.
She is strong – she has made it this far, she has a plan
She covers from the parching sun and decides to go with the wind
With her eyes wide open – she looks for what’s ahead
A beautiful blue – all around her…

“Throw it”, He said, it all must go – fast!
Why in such a rush – she has hung on this long?
The mid-day sun is approaching, the wind is picking up
She prepares for a tighter grasp – she can beat the elements
Her head is convinced, her Heart thinks it’s a joke.

Go with it, She felt, what is there to lose?
Don’t know where she’s going – but she can trust it’s good
The sun is at her back, the wind carries her along
She hangs on to the log; rests and enjoys the ride
She bathes in the blue all around her…

“Let it Go”,  He said, “It is time.”
“Your Heart will carry the weight of your head
Your Fate will lead your body and breath
Embrace the sun, wind and waves –
They will take you home.”

                                                         Jackie McSween, Sept 13/09 


  1. Jackie Blair McSween

    Couldn’t go to sleep tonight until I posted this one. hmm lets see if I can get to the last line tonight. Reading the poetry and writing through WordPress has been good for me. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  2. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    I interpret this poem as a Near Death Experience. The line “Your Heart will carry the weight of your head” has special significance to me, as it has been my heart that has carried MY “Finding God” experience — THE MOST “HEADY” EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

  3. Jackie Blair McSween

    It really must have been because I feel better now. Gone are the days when I keep my diary under lock and key. It feels much better to write in poetic form for the world to see. Why do we keep valuable lessons to ourselves when just maybe someone could benefit from what is being said or written?. The worse case scenario to posting is that you yourself benefits – how bad is that?

    Blogging is good.

    Thanks Carol

    woo hoo I just realized there might be a Couplet in my reply, it’s only 11:44 I could get a poem done by midnight.

  4. kristine zoodedoo

    I feel a strong but gentle push and pull, or is it an ebb and flow? It’s like life itself…the sun, the wind, the back and forth, the which way to go, the floating, the decision making, the mixed bag, the faith we need…but I’m not good with words., , or am I? either way, nice poem…I feel like I’m the one in the water when I read it! Thanks!

    • Jackie Blair McSween

      It really is all about what you have written and also a little bit of stubbornness. Sometimes I feel that this is such a long drawn out poem, but I think it has to be that way to get the point across. We humans do have a habit of resisting and making things difficult for ourselves when it really is a simple as letting go of that damn log. I guess it’s fear that keeps us hanging on, but fear of what…
      Thanks for this very insightful comment Kristine and yes you are good with words.

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