Going to Zuccotti Park

Flying on the corporate dime
Still trying to right a wrong
Eye focused on God’s time
Still believe in song

Playing their game
Side-stepping the slime
We all position for blame
A year after the crime

Going back to New York City
To start spreadin’ the news 1
Ooooo, isn’t it a pity 2
That we all gotta choose?

Sunday into LaGuardia
Midtown hotel
You try rhyming LaGuardia!
Subway to where capitalism fell

See some real heroes
Request Woody & Bob
Look at the columns of the Neros
And feel the pulse of the mob

Yeah, I’m going to Zuccotti
To see what I can see
Sip a hot-totty
Dance like a Cree

O.G. Hawkins

1 – Frank Sinatra
2 – Trooper

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