1st Diagnosis

A  doctor he says “it’s a definite case”

D  iagnosis confirmed, meds in my face

H  eredity for sure, do two for one

D  rug companies love him, the deal is done

A  ctive young boys, they just need to behave

D  ad and Mom too busy, no time to save

H  elp help they cry, all we need are some rules

D  inner again, processed food is for mules

A  dditives the cause, there can be a cure

D  ive into video games, calming for sure

H  old on it’s the schools, and they just can’t cope

D  idn’t I sell you, just fill them with dope.

                Oh did I repeat myself?

                                                                                Jackie Blair McSween, May 3, 2008


  1. Jackie Blair McSween

    On average 1 to 3 children in every classroom has been diagnosed with ADHD most of these children have been put on crule and horrible drugs to calm their behaviour. These are our Artists, Musicians, Writers and Geniuses.

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      Jackie this is a very important social statement — well done — and does the “repeat” at the end refer to Autism, and/or the vertical line down the left side?

  2. Sasha Hawks

    The pharmaceutical industry, you’ve eluded to in your beautifully appointed poem, conspired illegally with and purchased the support of politicians, education officials and the medical industry to label an active mind a diseased one, and manipulated the world into accepting their wonder drugs, so named for the wonder-ful profits they create for their shareholders and no matter what the consequences are for their victims or for society.

    Knowing percedes change.

    • Jackie Blair McSween

      This is truly a tragic situation and we need to work hard to stop the drugging of our brilliant young minds. Although this drugging makes it easier for teachers and parents it does nothing to help the state of the Earth. This is where we need these brilliant engineers, scientists, physicists, actors, writers, artists ….

      Thanks for your comment Sasha

  3. Jackie Blair McSween

    Sorry I am slow to reply Joanna. The “repeat” ,if I remember correctly, was just a funny afterthought to the poem. I think I was making reference to the vertical line of ADHD. However now that I think about it, sometimes “gifted” children have to repeat themselves because the rest of the world can’t keep up to them.

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