Need a Guthrie

At the flash of this moment 1
There will never be another one
Like you 2
It’s not my place to comment
Clampdown raise their guns
At you

Yeah, there will never be another one 2
Don’t let them stop you now 1
Apple of their eye, faithful son
You know you let ’em down
And how

You gotta fight for your right 3
You say you want a revolution 4
Rise together – black and white
Institutionalize their institution
Right now

All the people in this world 5
So humble, so meager
Look up at the bejewelled and pearled
We need a Guthrie, a Marley, a Seeger

                                  O.G. Hawkins

1 – Bruce Cockburn
2 – The Doors
3 – The Beastie Boys
4 – The Beatles
5 – INXS

One comment

  1. Jackie Blair McSween

    This poem is so relevenat today, given the latest events in Toronto and California with the Occupy Movement. I don’t see anyone getting hurt hear with these peacful protests. It’s time for law enforcement and a few judges to listen to a good Bob Marley tune.

    Oh to be young again and sit in on one of these events! My kids will soon be of that age, lets hope they won’t have to be dealing with this kind of stuff.

    There are great leaders in the world, thanks OG for remining us that many of these leaders are great songwritters and musicians.

    Great poem!

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