One day long long ago

in a land far far away,

a princess made a Bed

for Satan, out of Satin,

So Said She –It was rimmed

with feathers – white – a boa

and buried inside deep

a coal-black seed of smooth

round ball, sunk inside

deep the sheet – that seed

She sees for now is SHE.

                             Joanna Hyde

October 21st, 2011
The Hawk
7:37 pm


  1. Jackie Blair McSween

    This is a well documented and insightful interpretation by Sasha Hawks of Joanna’s poem “Premise”

    “There was a point in our history when we began to shut down our internal and higher self ‘intuition’ in favor of our ego which looks for security and happiness on the outside. It’s hard to determine exactly when it began but it certainly was enhanced when a certain religion basically hijacked the pagan beliefs held at the time, in the third century
    under Constantine, who re-packaged the knowledge of how the world worked, under a new cloak to suit the Roman Empire and to gain control of the masses by capturing their consciousness. It’s well documented and has continued with the slaughter of all indigenous cultures and their ideals around the world and continues right up to this moment. The inquisition being just one of their proudest moments. The knowledge of our higher self allows for a conscious critically thinking human who is not so easy to manipulate. Money and consumerism has replaced religion but with the same intent of keeping us asleep as to who we really are.”

    “Remarkably, no matter how well disguised and with all their efforts to keep us asleep, it hasn’t completely prevented us from seeing our inner being, which is the observer behind our ego. and has been attempted to be buried behind our much exploited desires.”

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