That “O” Dress
Black Robe
styled from the 50’s
told Me I was powerful —
one of the most powerful women
on the planet —
if not THE most powerful —
My Anger, My Fury,
was justified —
In That Dress
I was The Black Jesus
ready to allow My Self
into a Mental Hospital
for The Sake of My Person (et al)

 I drank from a very large beaker
sweet Red Wine
called XOXOX
I crossed My Legs
and beat My Right Silver Slipper
into the evening air

 I wore gobs & gobs of silver
— all that I owned —
but had the worth of one real estate transaction
under my belt
I shot off the centre
of My Tomato-coloured couch
& stomped around The House
swearing up

 I demanded to be taken out to dinner
and My 2nd Husband drove Me
to McDonald’s
in That Get-up
so He got appointed Body Guard
to an exceedingly valuable woman
but went to bed
leaving Me to call 911

 *  *  *

                           Joanna Hyde


November 6th 2011   The Hawk



    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      How Ironic! The “Manic Episode” is usually perceived by those “external” as a blatant display of loss of Self control.

      • Jackie Blair McSween

        The “Power” is throughout the poem literally, however, it is the black dress, the silver jewlery, the clear decisions the character makes about dinner and wine…
        The “Creativity” is in the character by how she dresses and acts, what she drinks and eats and how she sits on the tomatoe-coloured couch.
        The “Self Control” is the most important part. This character has complete control over every step in this poem and the climax (as far as I am concerned) is when SHE calls 911.

        This would make a fabulous play!

  1. Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

    Thank You, Jackie, for your well-thought-out comments. I might be inspired to write a play based on this poem, though acting it out in “real” terms was actually worth every effort.

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