Going South

Well Riles, Dookie & I got a plan
And it ain’t too good for the man
We’ve got a mission – a mission of our own 1
We’re going south to fight the dark
Going down to Zuccotti Park
Someday we’ll cut to the bone

We quit our shit jobs
To join the mobs
Hitch-hiked, living on a loan
We raise our banners high
And breathe the pale blue sky
Tweeting from our phones

Hang on for the long haul
We’ll stutter, we’ll stall
But history’s clearly shown
We’ve God on our side 2
Justice will be applied
All reap what they sew 3

                                 O.G. Hawkins


1 – The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)
2 – Bob Dylan
3 – Jesus Christ




  1. Jackie Blair McSween

    You know, this poem says to me that it is soooo easy to go along with the crowd, with the popular vote, with the mainstream. – If everyone else is doing it then it must be ok. “going south to fight the dark” ” to join the mobs” . We have to be careful here because sometimes the leader gets it wrong. We are all leaders, you must, now more than ever, trust your own leadership and intuition. This is a time when we have to find our own power, because frankly leadership, of any kind, has continuously failed us.

    Tks again OG for getting the thought process going…

    • Joanna Gilman Hyde Blair

      Jackie, I agree with the idea of following your own intuition. In a moment of unsureness, try listening to your own body. I believe my body is the manifestation of my mind.

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