social media mania!

Twitter twatter let’s get at er
the boys r out to play
LinkedIn blinkedin here we go
before they  go away
Tumblr wumblr we all fell down
and landed in a pile
Flickr wickr the lights r on
now stand up straight and smile
Face the Book untill it’s dark
enough to meet the Blog
get those fingers moving quick
so you can walk the dog

                                Jackie Blair McSween, 11/1/11


  1. Joanna Blair

    when my brother and I were children, our grandfather built three square-ended row boats: The Wynken, Blynkin and Nod, in descending order of size. The Wynken was like a scow, and survived about twenty-five years, the Blinken accommodated one small adult rower, with home made oars, and the Nod was a little rectangular box my brother learned to row in when he was three.

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