POINTSTHRUPROSE is a collective blog created to show the works of many artists in one platform. Not all artists and writers have the time or desire to design and manage their own blog. On pointsthruprose you will find a compilation of art, poetry and writing from various people across North America. Some of the artists and writers are family and friends, others have found this blog and find it to be a platform to promote their work. Whatever the reason, I am elated and inspired to promote the work of other Artists. Please contact me should you feel moved to post any of your work on this blog.

Jackie McSween assumes no rights as to any further publication of the submissions on this site with the exception of her own work.

Jackie Blair McSween
Vancouver, Canada 

Canadian Copyright Act – Overview

Canadian Copyright law protects creative endeavours by ensuring that the creator has the sole right to authorize their publication, performance or reproduction (section 3(1)). Copyright applies to all original:

  • literary or textual works: books, pamphlets, poems, computer programs
  • dramatic works: films, videos, plays, screenplays and scripts
  • musical works: compositions consisting of both words and music, or music only (lyrics without music are considered literary works)
  • artistic works: paintings, drawings, maps, photographs, and sculptures
  • architectural works



  1. Pat Cegan

    Jackie, I, too, “receive” the posts on my blog. It astounds me how they come everyday, tumbling from my pen too fast for my mind to read (until later when I sit and study them.) When we tap this well of creativity, I believe we are co-creating with the Divine in some ways we do not yet understand but each can use.

    I also agree that Art Critics are unnecessary as each “artist” has a voice that is valid and we must honor whatever they produce as creativity is an aspect of the Divine.

    Wonderful idea to have a blog for artists who do not have their own blog. Hugs, pat

    • Jackie Blair McSween

      Thank you Pat, I do believe our writing and art come from a higher place and we need to allow this work to channel through us. I try to convey the thought first and learn the technical to support it second. My goal is to teach this to others as I believe we are all gifted.

  2. kate hawkes

    Wonderful site/collection…. and thanks to Carol LeFevre that I found you. My whole life and work (and play!) has been about and dedicated to freeing the creative being that we all are – that and building the skills to best nurture, empower, protect and share that creativity. I just published a book in which I have begun to pull all that together – Personal Magic: Conscious Empowerment Through Creativity and Spirit. I am glad to be part of this world wide, across culture evolution!! and thank you being there as well.

    • kate hawkes

      hey there! yes the book is available online! go to my website http://www.wellnesswithkate.com click on the PersonalMagic link and there are many options. (Hard copy from me directly, or from Createspace/Amazon, Smashwords ebook, plus the downloadable pdf from me of the entire book or just the workbook bit!)

      can I post a blog here? and if so how do I do that? It is such a rich and varied site!

      • pointsthruprose

        Hi Kate, I will definitely check out your book and thanks for your kind comments. I would be happy to post any Art or Poetry that you would like to post on our blog. Just send it to me via email and I will post it. Also send me an Artist Profile along with your links and I will post that as well. With the busy Christmas season, I haven’t had much time to look at your site or blog, but I am excited to find out a bit more of what you do. I am really happy we connected. pointsthruprose@live.ca

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