Fear in their Eyes


For the first time on Squawk this morning
I saw real fear in their eyes
Have they finally heard the warning?
And realized how fleeting their prize?

Labour has flexed its tired, old muscles
And joined #OccupyWallStreet
The “Looney Left” bristles and rustles
They sing and dance and chant and tweet

TV pundits groan, “There’s no coherent message”
They marginalize the marginalized
Modern-day high priests – vastly superior knowledge
Never saw it coming from the Hamptons, never realized

This isn’t another Arab Spring
And, no, it’s not Greece
Wall Street and DC are in cahoots, that’s the thing
And they gave us war when we wanted peace

                                                                   O.G. Hawkins


  1. kjpgarcia

    Even through the incoherent message there is one message -WE NEED A CHANGE. And, that’s a good first step towards creating that change. I tend to wonder how coherent the message was when the colonies wanted independence from England. But once independence was achieved things began to become much clearer. Now we need that same sort of revolutionary spirit. We need a change even if we’re not quite sure what that change is and how to implement it because it’s obvious something is wrong with the system we’re living in.

  2. Hunter Blair

    I think you are saying that the OWS movement is doomed to fail and has probably been infiltrated and directed by the Wall street/DC axis. Real change will come from middle America when it overcomes its inertia and fear. (Canada also)

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