Sly Black Sky

The Black sky is at the Back door
I have been sleeping like a Log
In the Awakening of my Dreams –
How kind They are to let me sleep
The Sly Black Sky knocks at the Back door…
The alarm does as it always does
In my sleep I move out
Another day of work, shopping and the media
The sun is shining; even though it’s not suppose to
this time of year.
The pleasantries of life
How lucky we are not to question them.
The crooked line that we never see
We just cross it in our Awakeness
The light had us all fooled
To befriend the Black Sky.
                Jackie McSween, Oct 22, 2010

One comment

  1. Joanna Hyde Blair

    Jackie: since this site is so new, am I supposed to ask you questions on the comment forum? If so (and you can monitor this out of course) is your Sly Black
    Sky an invitation for me to put up my most recent “Black Associated” poems and proclamations?

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