Jackie Blair McSween

I awoke one morning at 3 am and wrote, in poetic format, for the first time; I wasn’t sure where the writing was coming from and I have continued to write and also now paint.

We have the abilities to create at a level that is way beyond our conscious limitations. Many of you have experienced the same compulsion to write, paint, photograph  or create whatever it is that is speaking to you. I believe, let me correct that, I have a knowing that we are all creative beyond what we think. The challenge is to risk, to let go of all fears and to trust that there are no real critics in the Artistic World. There is only Art…

More of my personal art work can be found at Jackie Blair Fine Art. 

Thanks for visiting,


  1. Thomas Davis

    This was your first poem ever? At 3:00 a.m. in the morning! Ethel laughed and said, “that’s nice.” I like the idea of this site too. A coop for poets! We’ll be reading more here.

  2. Jackie Blair McSween

    I suppose those who say they are not just haven’t found their creative abilities yet; creativity arrives in so many different ways. I dream of a world where everyone is using their creative potential – It would be a world of love, beauty and passion…
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Alix Moore

    We are all creative beyond what we think–interesting phrasing. I believe deep, divine creativity travels from the spirit to the hands without going through the mind at all. In fact, I often have very little conscious memory of what I have written when I am in the flow. I look at it afterwards, and I am surprised.

  4. Jackie Blair McSween

    I couldn’t agree with you more I have also written and painted, often in the middle of the night, with little memory of how I did it. It is just recently I have learned how to control it more. This is a great video by Elizabeth Gilbert, she explains the creative process of writers in this way quite eloquently. I believe with this new awakening that many will be able channel their creative energies for the betterment of mankind. Like you Alix I just want to support and assist anyone who is moving in this direction with their art. It is truly a beautiful process.
    Thank you for your comments

    • zorgor

      It’s funny though, I’ve done some of my best work when I was exhausted. Probably had something to do with being less inhibited due to ennui…

  5. Kirsten Dinesen

    Beautifully written and I could not agree with you more. Also, Thank You… for the link to your artwork….these pieces are just beautiful…I have enjoyed meandering through your site viewing the posts…and becoming acquainted with your work and others you have posted…I look forward to visiting often…Thank you for sharing!!

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